How to stake your $SCT?

Step 1 - Visit

First you have to visit the Safechainswap platform trough the following link:

Step 2 - Enable Contract

Now you have to choose your Staking pool and you have to "Enable Contract"

Step 3 - Stake your Safechaintoken

As soon as you enable the contract you unlock the following 3 actions:
  • Harvest (If you call this function all your generated rewards will be distributed to your wallet)
  • Stake (If you call this function you stake and lock your tokens into the Staking Contract)
  • Unstake (If you call this function after the lock periode is over all your SCT will be transferred back to your wallet)
If you chose your staking pool and you proceed with "Stake" this interface will open:
You have to choose the amount of Safechaintoken you want to stake and after you have to confirm the transaction.